Custom link

The purpose of a shortcut link is to provide an easy to remember, shorter clearer url than the orginal. For instance, if you wanted to send an email or tell someone a url of interest and the url is

Converting it to a shortcut becomes

Which is a lot easier to remember, to tell someone over the phone or even when posting to sites like Twitter, Facebook or sending by text message.

You can choose your own shortcut provided it has not been used by anyone else. It can be as long as you want or as short as just two characters. We check that every url actually links to a genuine aviation resource, so when people see a url with in the name, they know it is taking them to an aviation resource. Customised urls aid split second decision making by clients and makes your link more likely to be clicked on.

You need to be a registered user of this site to create custom shortcut links.

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Reasons to use a custom link

  • Dedicated aviation url shortener
  • Easy to remember url
  • Perfect for Twitter, Facebook or SMS
  • Strong server uptime and multilingual interface
  • Use if your current CMS can't provide friendly urls
  • With a custom shortcut, you can change the url it redirects to whenever you choose
  • A fresh new url with tells the audience, the products intention instantly
  • Simple to view campaign tracking tool to augment your online marketing on a per url basis